Motobike & Scooter courses


Learn the techniques on handling your motorcycle or scooter in specific situations, such as emergency braking, low speed, eight, slalom … and invite you to drive more safely and defensively.

Specificities :

As of January 1, 2021, the 12-hour course will be compulsory for all permits: A1 (+ 16 years) / A35 (+18 years).

Regarding motorcycles of unlimited power, they will no longer be directly accessible from the age of 25. You will have to go through the A35 license for 2 years before being able to obtain unlimited category A after a practical exam.

Category Course duration Price
A1 +16 years old / A35 12 hours (3×4 hours – Blocks 1+2+3) CHF 600.-
A1 > A35 transition 4 hours (Block 3) CHF 300.-


Course that deals with the handling of a 2-wheeler, it varies in duration depending on the category chosen and will be given by a certified driving school instructor.

Divided into several blocks of 2 to 4 hours, each will be dedicated to a particular subject:

Block 1 (4h)

  • Low speed exercises (slalom, eight, slow passage, etc.)
  • Braking at medium speed
  • Distances
  • Observation (RTI)
  • Driving with passenger

Block 2 (4h)

  • Circulation
  • Full braking
  • Defensive driving

Block 2a (2h)

  • Low speed exercises (slalom, eight, slow passage etc …)
  • Braking at medium speed
  • City traffic

Block 3 (4h)

  • Counter guidance
  • High speed braking
  • Trajectories
  • Traffic and overtaking


  • The number of hours is indicated on your student driver’s license
  • Previous driving experience is essential
  • Have good protective equipment (gloves, boots, clothing and helmet)
  • Ensure the good condition of the vehicle (tires, brakes, lighting, indicators, etc.)


  • Step: compulsory

  • Categories: A1/A35

  • Type : group

  • Duration: 4 or 12 hours

  • Validity: unlimited

  • Price : c.f. table